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Our team:

Security expertise is essential to our business — and to yours. That’s why we seek out the industry’s brightest minds for our threat researchers, security consultants, incident responders and Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts.

Security consultants spend hours upon hours investigating and responding to threats. Then, they apply that research and experience across our operations, enhancing the protections your organization receives.

ISM security consultants audit and assess the state of your current security posture, in turn helping you meet compliance regulations and designing the future of your security programs.

Our SOC Security Analysts monitor your environment continually, alerting you to areas of concern and guiding you to take the right action.

Incident Responders understand and share your sense of urgency. Whether improving your incident response readiness or responding to an incident itself, our team of experts is passionate about helping you take the right actions at the right time.

Our security experts collaborate closely with their peers in the security community, law enforcement, and government organizations. They also participate actively in industry and standards organizations.

Our values:

Reliability - We Do what we say we are going to do with a sense of urgency.

Innovation - We value new ideas and technologies.

Reputation - We will always carry through to the end.

Service Excellence - We serve with the highest standards.

We are Open and Honest in Communication.


  1. Enterprise Data Breach Protection

    Safeguard your valuable assets and data against unauthorized access

    Implement best practices for security and meet compliance requirements by working in tandem with our Security Consultants to design an effective system of information security management or strengthen your current information security posture.

  2. Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

    Elevate your cybersecurity defenses needed to protect, detect and respond to advanced persistent threats designed to evade traditional security controls

    • Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection and Protection
    • Advanced Malware Protection and Detection
    • Targeted Threat Hunting
  3. Compliance Management Solutions

    Enterprise compliance management requires an organization-wide approach to protecting and enhancing business initiatives by adopting a regulatory risk-awareness culture.

  4. Security Operations Services
    • Security Architecture and Design

      Our consultants ensure your organization is able to identify potential issues in the design, architecture and configuration of your security infrastructure and provides comprehensive remediation plans.

    • Vulnerability Management

      Vulnerabilities within your network, web applications and databases emerge every day, caused by software defects and misconfigurations, opening the door to threat actors. ISM can help you eliminate these exposures and future-proof your cybersecurity operations.

    • Security Monitoring

      Avoid false positives and identify true threats in the vast sea of security logs and alerts your organization generates.

      Our team of information security experts uses techniques and technologies for comprehensive analysis of multiple IS events, filtering and correlation. Such approach will allow not to miss critical events, to carry out timely reaction to the fixed indicators.

  5. Penetration Testing

    Identify network vulnerabilities and validate security defenses with our independent expertise and visibility. Enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency.

    We leverage our proprietary penetration testing tactics and threat intelligence to show how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment.

    A Penetration Test identifies and demonstrates vulnerabilities, answering the question: could an attacker break into my network? The results of the test empower your organization with a new understanding and strategy to strengthen your security posture against cyber threats that uniquely affect you.



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